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Glad You’re here

It is not about me. It is about JESUS. I must decrease. He must increase.

There is no sweet prophecy or popular “gospel” here, only the truth. A bitter truth is better than a sweet lie.

If you desire to know the truth of God’s word, you can freely download and read the Christian Books and Bible Lessons.   For meditation and Inspiration, you can find Quotes, Proverbs, Hymns, Psalms, and Newsletters.

Anyone sick? Drop a prayer request. We will pray to the Good LORD, and He will heal you. I believe in the LORD Jesus, savior of the world. Believe in Him.

Join me in spreading the truth of God’s word by sharing this website link, https://lilianel.home.blog on your website or social media. God will surely reward you.

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The LORD God wants a holy people consecrated to him. We must be quick to keep His word and humble to receive His grace. We are at the end of the last days. We must all remain connected as brothers under the headship of the Lord Jesus. We must separate ourselves from the world and the Christianity of the world.

What I Believe

Grow to maturity and be blessed in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ.


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  1. In these days that nothing is free – not love, not affection, not even the Word of God, I commend your commitment to bringing the undiluted Word of God to all for FREEEE. May God strengthen you as you continue this good work and more inspiration to bring His Word to His people.

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