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Christian Proverb for Meditation and Inspiration

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1) Christian Proverb about Jesus Christ

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Christian Proverb about the Wisest Decision to Make in Life

The Wisest Decision You Will Ever Make in Life

One day, your body will stop functioning, and subsequently return to dust. When this happens, you will no longer have your money, your fine clothes, favorite food, friends or family members with you. The only thing you will possess is your soul (your being). Only your soul may last the test of time. So, the wisest thing you can do in your life now, is to nurture and care for your soul to win the resurrection. You care for your soul when you care to know and keep God’s commandments. He will surely resurrect to life everyone who keeps His commandments. Keep His Commandments, and it shall be well with you.

–Christian Proverb by Liliane B.

The above Christian proverb is about the wisest decision to consider in life.

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The Wisest Decision You Will Ever Make in Life

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