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Christian Proverb for Meditation and Inspiration

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1) Christian Proverb about Jesus Christ

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Christian Proverb about Self-Denial unto Consecration to God

It’s No Longer About Me

It is no longer about me. My life in no longer mine. I no longer live for fleshly self-fulfillment. His purpose is now my purpose. His likes my likes. His desires my desires. His will my will. And I love it so. The only fulfilment my heart will ever find is when my life completely fulfils His purpose. I live to the LORD God, fully consecrated (body, mind, and spirit) to Him to satisfy His purpose. My body is for Him, and its goal is not to enjoy orgasm or other earthly comforts. My mind is set on Him, and so it will not share in the crooked thoughts of godless men shared through movies, songs, social media, or other forms of soulish entertainment. My heart craves only for Him. I do not desire material wealth, fame, recognition, etc. And I LOVE IT SO. My life is strange to world. They just can’t understand that it is no longer about me.

–Christian proverb by Liliane B.

A Christian proverb self-denial and consecration to God.

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