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Christian Couple Exiled From Village in India For Refusing to Reject Christian Faith

Padiami and his wife converted to Christianity in December 2020. The chief of Kambawada village ordered the couple to reject the Christina faith but they refused. The local villagers got annoyed by their obstinate denial, and threw away the couple’s belongings into the streets after locking their house. The couple has relocated to another village.(02/21/2021, International Christian Concern)

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3 Signs of a Bad Pastor

Created and published by Liliane B.

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Two Christian Women Killed in Pakistan

Two Christian women in Pakistan, Abida and her sister Sajida, 23 and 25 years respectively, were abducted, raped and killed by Muslim men.

Christians in Pakistan cry for justice. They also expressed their worry over the increasing violence inflicted on Christians in Pakistan. (15/01/21, Christianity Daily).

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Christian Convert Killed in Uganda

International Christian Concern (ICC) released a report on the death of a Christian Convert, Yusuf Kintu. Yusuf, a former Imam, left Islam and embraced the Christian faith in November 2020. The local Muslim community,  displeased with his conversion, beat him to death.

Various reports also reveal that many Christian Converts in Eastern Region of Uganda suffer in the hands of their families and their Muslim community. (12/01/2020, Uganda Christian News)

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Christians in Numerous Countries Are Denied Covid 19-Related Aid

There was a 60% increase last year in the number of Christians killed for their faith. 90% of 4,761 deaths were in Africa.

Africa and Asia governments, especially village heads, refuse to give covid aid to Christian civilians. It is reported that in Kaduna Nigeria, Christian families receive only about 15% of the rations given to Muslim families. In India, the Hindu nationalist government has stopped funding of Christian schools and hospitals. (13/01/2021, The Guardian).

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Christians in China Suffer Increased State Persecution

The Christian community in China, estimated at 100 – 130 million people, has suffered increased state persecution. According to ChinaAid’s 2018 Report, more than 5000 people have been detained, including more than 1,000 church leaders. The Chinese communist party (CCP) is working to stop the growth of Christianity by prohibiting minors from attending church services and pursuing study of the faith. Minors in churches are discouraged from pursuing careers as Christian Clergy. (1/11/21, NewsWeek)

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Religious Minorities in Iran Receive Flogging sentences

The Iran Human Rights Monitor shared in their newly released 2020 Annual Report that amputation and flogging sentences were widely practiced in Iran. The report states, “At least 19 flogging verdicts were carried out in 2020 against labor activists, religious and ethnic minorities, protesters and ordinary citizens. Dozens of others were sentenced to flogging.” – 01/09/2021 Iran (International Christian Concern)

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What Is The Difference Between a Devoted Christian and a “Christian”?

Zack and Lee are both Christians, but they are different. Zack is a worldly Christian, but Lee is a devoted Christian. Continue reading “What Is The Difference Between a Devoted Christian and a “Christian”?”

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Why You Must Forget Past Hurts and How to

This post concludes the series of posts on Emotional hurt and forgiveness. The first two posts:

The Role of Forgiveness in Relationships.
Should the Unrepentant receive the Same Measure of Forgiveness as the Repentant?
Continue reading “Why You Must Forget Past Hurts and How to”

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The Role of Forgiveness in Relationships?

What is the purpose of forgiveness?

Forgiveness is love. Forgiveness is a kind of love that works primarily to build, strengthen and restore relationships. Parents, children, spouses, friends, brothers suffer from broken relationships. The world will be a better place to live in if everyone could forgive and repent. Continue reading “The Role of Forgiveness in Relationships?”