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What Is The Difference Between a Devoted Christian and a “Christian”?

Zack and Lee are both Christians, but they are different. Zack is a worldly Christian, but Lee is a devoted Christian.

The Life of Zack

Zack loves movies and spends much of his time watching films. In his spare time, he reads fiction novels. He also loves social media. He spends much of his time on online discussion and chat forums. Zack also loves spending time with friends. He loves idle talk.

Zack loves his job. He is very passionate about his job. He seeks to reach the peak of the corporate ladder. To achieve this goal, Zack works very hard and even overtime.

Zack usually has brief moments of sexual lust in his heart. His eyes often cause him to sin because he cannot resist looking at nude females.

Zack likes cars and fine things. He cannot stop worrying about tomorrow. He cannot resist the temptation of storing earthly wealth.

Zack loves worldly songs. He is not passionate about hymns and psalms to God.

Zack goes to church every Sunday, but he scarcely prays to God except in difficult times. He scarcely makes time to meditate on God’s word. He is not zealous for spiritual things.

The Life of Lee

Lee does not spend his time on movies or idle talk with carnal friends.  Lee does not pursue these things not because they are sinful, rather because he has lost taste for them and He is no longer entertained by them. He sees these things as weights on his Christian life. Lee is completely delighted in the Lord and so, Lee spends his time meditating on God’s word, praying, praising the LORD God.

Lee prefers a part time work or a self-entrepreneurial work that allows him to be available at any time for God’s work. He is enthusiastic doing kingdom works. He loves simplicity. He is not interested in earthly wealth. He is contented with the basic things of life.

Lee desires only what God desires. Lee thinks only on heavenly things. He prays every day for God to continue to renew his mind to the complete mindset of Christ. He keeps his body pure of any bodily sin. He seeks purity of the heart, mind and body. To Lee, every day is a Sunday because every day is a day of worship.

On his priority list, it is God first, then his family, then his fellowman, and then to nothing. He gives himself to nothing except God and man. He loves nothing except God and his fellow man (the two great commandments of God – Mt 22:37-39).

Lee has one policy that models his life:

“As the Son of Man lived and walked, so must I. Anything Jesus would not do, neither will I do”.

Point to Ponder

If the Son of Man was here in His own body, do you think he will spend time watching movies or engaging in idle talk? Do you think he will be singing worldly unedifying songs? Do you think he will get a full-time job? Do you think the LORD will spend a significant part of his day on social media?

Your devotion to God must be in the same measure as the Son of man (Jesus Christ) was devoted to the Father. Only then, will He call His friend and brother.

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I am a follower of Jesus Christ. I am very passionate about God and His Kingdom. I believe in stern obedience to the words of Christ. I love the truth. I will rather pursue bitter truth than settle for a sweet lie.

2 thoughts on “What Is The Difference Between a Devoted Christian and a “Christian”?

  1. I enjoyed this! It seems like Zack is still a babe while Lee has mature. 1 Corinthians 3:2 I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Indeed, you are still not ready.

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