Who wins the christian race?

The weak and not the strong

The poor and not the rich

The sinner and not the “righteous”

The child and not the adult


For you see;

The weak receives divine strength. Only divine strength can last the race. The strong trust in self-strength and fail, but those who know the extreme weakness of the human nature, cling firmly to Jesus till the end. 

The poor receives true riches of faith. The poor easily leaves everything to follow Jesus, but the rich find it difficult do away with their plenty wealth. The poor man trust in God but the rich man trust in his vain wealth.

The sinner repents and follow Jesus in the christian race but the self-righteous do not even qualify to race because they do not repent. The Lord came to save the sinners and NOT they “righteous”. 

Children are humble and corrigible. Adults are generally incorrigible. The humble receives grace to overcome obstacles in the race course but the self-confident proud man stumbles. Except you become a child, you can not enter the kingdom of God

You know;

The swift do not necessarily win the christian race. The first winner does not necessarily win the first prize. The victory is not about starting the race. Victory is about persevering to the end.

The nature of the christian race is unique and different from an earthly race. A long sermon on “how to win the christian race” is no guarantee that you will finish the christian race well. You need Jesus from start to end.

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